Submissions Call: YA Anthology

Eleonora Press is seeking seven unpublished stories inspired by the story prompt below. The selected stories will be published next year in an anthology for young adult readers titled XP GRIND. Submissions are open now through October 1, 2021.

This is a paid opportunity. View the submissions page for guidelines and details.

XP Grind

Getting out of class is no longer the best thing about summer break when an invitation-only online game, Infinite Realms, drops on the last day of school. No one knows who’s behind the game or how the first players were chosen, but everyone wants a chance to play.

As the first gamers log on, they get pulled in to an AI-driven virtual world. The immersive experience is custom-built for each player and seems so real. It’s a gamer’s paradise. Until the players discover what happens in the game affects the real world and the only way out is to win. 

Can they level up and get out before. . .?