Snow Globe Travelers: Salvaged Time

Releases June 29, 2023

Malvine and the Bog Hunters are gone, but a far more insidious force lurks in the shadows.

A month after Malvine’s defeat, Sarah is still living on the planet Elohi, unable to find her father or return home to Earth since the GSGT needs more rubidium for the journey. Then a nearby peaceful planet, Alym, is destroyed by the Shark Riders. A cryptic note from Sarah’s father hints that the dissident group NGTA could be behind the attack. And Elohi is next.

The only answer is joining the GSGT training program so she can search for proof and convince the GSGT to intervene. But Sarah’s emerging mutations cause disruptions in her classes, and her search only leads to more questions as she starts to suspect someone wants her to fail.

If Sarah doesn’t uncover the truth and the traitor in time, Elohi will fall to the Shark Riders—and she will never be able to return home.

Enjoy the second book in the Snow Globe Travelers series, a middle-grade science fiction series with fast pacing, unique tech, shocking twists, and a mystery that keeps you guessing. Aimed at ages 9+. #SnowGlobeTravelers

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