Eleonora Press is currently accepting submissions for a teen speculative fiction anthology: XP Grind. Submissions close October 1, 2021.

XP Grind

Getting out of class is no longer the best thing about summer break when an invitation-only online game, Infinite Realms, drops on the last day of school. No one knows who’s behind the game or how the first players were chosen, but everyone wants a chance to play.

As the first gamers log on, they get pulled into an AI-driven virtual world. The immersive experience is custom-built for each player and seems so real. It’s a gamer’s paradise. Until the players discover what happens in the game affects the real world and the only way out is to win.

Can they level up and get out before. . .?


Looking for seven unpublished stories inspired by the prompt above. Traditional and non-traditional storytelling styles are welcome, including chat-fiction and graphic novels. (Consider how the character would tell their story.)

Traditional stories should be between 7,000 to 10,000 words long. For non-traditional stories, 24 to 40 pages is preferred unless it’s a heavily illustrated style, like graphic novels. Heavily illustrated stories at least 14 pages in length will be considered.

However, these are just guidelines. Exceptional stories that fit the prompt but don’t fit within the guidelines for length will also be considered.

Stories should be free of explicit content and written from a Christian worldview.

And although Eleonora Press recognizes there are talented authors of all ages, we are only prepared to accept submissions from contributors eighteen or older.


Pay is $30 per an accepted piece ($60 if it’s heavily illustrated) and one contributor copy in exchange for first publishing rights. Authors agree not to publish or distribute their stories for one year after the anthology’s publication date. Eleonora Press is to be credited as the first publisher in all subsequent publications where the story appears.

Contributors also agree to promote the anthology on their respective blogs and/or social media networks.


Email submissions with the subject line “XP Grind:” + <title>. Word documents (.docx) and PDFs only.